Núria S. Lacambra

Born in Barcelona and graduated in Fine Arts (specialised in painting) at the University of Barcelona (1981-86). During 1987-88 she worked as a history of art teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Ruby. In 1987 she received a grant from the Cultural Promotion office (Generalitat de Catalunya). She attended to a course taught by Tom Car, in 1980 Summer Municipal School of Sant Cugat. And a course taught by Pascual Fort in engraving tecnique. Under the direction of Pascual Fort, she took a course on engraving and a course on Curatory and Exhibition Management, 2013 issued by the Catalan Association of Art Critics, ACCA. She has taken part in different national and international exhibitions. Lacambra is currently still working on her pictorial language exploring abstract expressionism.


2023 Col·legi Oficial de Psicologia de Catalunya Exhibition Hall. Girona.

2022 Cèsar Martinell Exhibition Hall. Celler Cooperatiu. Rubí (Barcelona).

2021 Exhibition Hall. Llançà House of Culture. Girona.

2016 Exhibition hall. DeucheBank. Sant Cugat del Vallès.

2010 Traç d’art Gallery. Sabadell, Barcelona.

2006 Traç d’art Gallery. Sabadell, Barcelona.

2002 Traç d’art Gallery. Sabadell, Barcelona.

2000 Exhibition at.Rubí old train station hall.

2000 El Comú d’Encamp exhibition hall, Principat d’Andorra.

1997 Exhibition: “The fusion of perceptions”. Roman Temple of Vic.

1995 Ciutat Vella (Conservation and Restoration Workshop). C / Escudellers White, 3. Barcelona.

1992 Gloria de Parada Gallery. Circuit Gal•leries del Born. Barcelona.

1990 Atlas Cafe. C/ Córsega, 339. Barcelona.

1989 Casal de Sarrià. Civic Centre. Barcelona.

1987 Alla prima Gallery (Off Biennale). C/ Ripoll, 16. Barcelona.

1986 Local Boira. C/ Amigó, 56. Barcelona.


2021 X Contemporary Art Exhibition: Tramuntanart. Port de la Selva. Girona.

2018 VIII Contemporary Art Exhibition: untan’art. Port de la Selva. Girona.

2016 V Contemporary Art Exhibition: Tramuntan’art. Port de la Selva. Girona.

2015 IV Contemporary Art Exhibition: Tramuntan’art. Port de la Selva. Girona

2011 Prize for painting (selected) Ricard Camí. Cultural Centre Unim Obra Social. Terrassa

2010 Hipermercat d’art contemporani (selected) Vinçon Hall. Barcelona

2010 XLVIII International Drawing Competition. Guillot-Ynglada Foundation. Catalan Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi. Barcelona.

2008 Hypermarket contemporary art (selected) Vinçon room. Barcelona.

2003 Prize for painting (selected). Ricard Camí. Centre Cultural de la Caixa de Terrassa.

2000 Finalist 3rd Competition "Art a l'Andana". Rubí, Barcelona.

1998/99 Spanischer Kunstsupermarkt. (selected) Kunstraum Die Wäscherei. Hamburg, Germany.

1998 7th Biennial Art Exhibit Martorell. Painting (selected) Barcelona.

1998 1st Art Competition "Art a l'Andana" (finalist). Rubí, Barcelona.

1997 Marcarme'97. 5th View Painting Competition (1st Prize). Museu Marítim de Barcelona.

1996 5th Painting Competition Miquel Casablancas. Centre Cívic Sant Andreu, Barcelona.

1994 2nd Biennial Exhibition of Art Martorell. Painting (selected).

1992 1st Biennial Exhibition of Art Martorell. Painting (selected). Drawing (selected).

1988 6th Contemporary Art Show Catalan. Sant Cugat. Itinerant Catalonia and Andorra.

1986 Young Artists Award in Terrassa. Friends of the Arts. Terrace.

1986 1st Biennial del Vallès. Circle Cultural Foundation Pension Fund. Granollers.

1985 Biennial Art, 25th Prize Tapir Painting (Finalist). Tarragona.


2021 Exhibition “Childbirth, a reason for social and artistic creation. Concavella Castle. Lleida.

2021 Thematic exhibitions: poems by Gabriel Ferreter. Organized by Firart. Sant Cugat de Vallès.

2020 X Pas per l'Art. Large room of the Castle. Santa Coloma de Queralt. Tarragona.

2019 Collective 25 YEARS BETWEEN ARTISTS. Cloister of the Monastery. Sant Cugat del Vallès.

2019 Collective 25 Years Fira Sant Galderic. Celler Cooperatiu Cultural Center. Ruby.

2019 A step towards art. Thematic group: Excited spaces / harmonized spaces. Santa Coloma de Queralt. Tarragona.

2018_2019 Collective: small format (a gift for Christmas) Merc’ART. Ruby. Barcelona.

2018 Thematic exhibition "Holders" House of Culture of Sant Cugat del Vallès.

2018 Participation in the collective: Miscel.lania. Firart. Ateneu Santcugatenc.

2017 Collective tribute to Josep Palau i Fabra. Gabriel Ferrater Central Library of Sant Cugat.

2017 I participate in the ART & BREAKFAST art fair. June 2017. Malaga.

2016 Thematic exhibition: Gaia. House of Culture of Sant Cugat del Vallès.

2015 A step towards ART. Thematic collective: systemic tree :. Santa Coloma de Queralt. Tarragona.

2014 Javier Román Gallery. Malaga.

2014 Collective Installation: where + the + words + go. FIRART. Sant Cugat del Vallès.

2013 Catalan Hunter Project. Girona.

2013 Regal ’Art. Art Stroke Gallery. Sabadell.

2013 Merc Art. Skylight, art space. Ruby.

2012 Arquitectures. Tast d'Art. Rubí, Barcelona

2011 8th Pa per l’Art. Castle Main Hall. Santa Coloma de Queralt, Tarragona.

2011 Espai Art Plus. Santa Màxima 5, L’Escala, Girona.

2009 Permanent exhibition. Municipal Museum of Rubí, Barcelona.

2008 Collective "Water" 30th Anniversary Centro Aragonés de Rubí, Old Factory Espona

2007 "Petit Format 2006” (July / October) Traç d’Art Gallery. Estartit, Girona.

2007/2008/2009 Collective Christmas. Small Format. Traç d’Art Gallery. Sabadell.

2006 Exp. Performers 2006 (July / October) Traç d’Art Gallery. Estartit, Girona.

2005/2006/2007 Exp. Artists in 2005. (July / October). Traç d’Art Gallery. Estartit, Girona.

2005 "10 views on the myth of Don Juan" Rubí Old Station Exhibition Hall.

2004 "One step for Art" Santa Coloma de Queralt, Tarragona.

2004 Traç d’Art Gallery. Collective Christmas. Sabadell.

2003 Collective exhibition Tribute to Frida Kahlo. Rubí Old Station Exhibition Hall.

2003 Tribute to Rafael Alberti. Càmera de Teatre. Rubí.

2003 Traç d’Art Gallery. L'Estartit, Girona.

2002 Traç d’Art Gallery. L'Estartit, Empordà.

2001 Art Gallery V-55 Sant Antoni de Calonge. Girona.

1998 Joan Pontius, Today. Sala El Vienès. Casa Fuster. 132 Passeig de Gràcia. Barcelona.

1998 XXV Anniversaire batik. Palais des Rois de Majorque. Perpignan, France.

1997 Actual Art Gallery. C/ Philip Newman 5. Pollensa, Mallorca.

1997 Mostra d’art 1r Saló International d’arts plàstiques ACEA Barcelona (1st Barcelona International Fine Arts Exhibition).

1997 Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs. Pl. Catedral, s/n. Lleida.

1997 Exhibition: 100 Years with running water and electricity. " Castell-Eco Museu Urbà.de Rubí. Barcelona.

1996 Exhibition "UN". Rubí Old Train Station Showroom.

1994 Tera Art Gallery. Arte-Antiquariato. "La tegassa”. Torino. Italy.

1994 Art Gallery Double Six. Rubi.

1993 Inauguration Rubí New Train Station. "75 anys a tot tren".

1988 Alla-prima Gallery "Museu imaginari". C/ Ripoll, 16. Barcelona.

1987 Espai Molí 1. Group Exhibition, opening workshop. Molins de Rei. Barcelona

1986 1000XTREM Station Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Rubí. Barcelona

1986 Etsat Room, Faculty of Technical Architecture. Barcelona.

1985 Art Show. Faculty of Fine Arts. Barcelona.

1984 “Trends” Prologue 1st Biennial Youth Production in the Mediterranean Area.


She regularly exhibits at art galleries such as Traç d'Art, a l’Estartit, Girona.

She periodically exhibits at Art_Plus. L’Escala. Girona.

Participation as a set designer for the play "Alfredo session Sea" by Joan Martin. Can Felipa, Barcelona. 2011.

Presentation and review on the exhibition "El 10 de copes" (sculpture) by Josep Borras, in Doble Sis Showroom. Rubí, Barcelona.

From 1995: participation in the centenary exhibition on the score of the Festa Major in Sant Jaume Street, Rubí.

Artist invited by Rubí Town Hall in local events: Women's Day, 2000 Calendar, Christmas card for Ruby Solidarity Association, street art, group exhibition “Opis”, etc.

Panelist for the Masks Competition organized by Rubí Fine Arts School.

Panelist for the Fast Painting Competition during Rubí Festa Major.

Speaker at the conference "Parlem d’art" (Art talk) organized by EDRA (Rubí Fine Arts School) Topic: my own artistic experience as a painter. (03/14/2007).

Participation in art fairs since 1997 in Catalonia. Rubí: Fira de San Galderic, since 1997. Girona: Drawing and Painting Exhibition. Since 1999. Figueres: Painting and Drawing Fair, since 2002. Terrassa: Fair Drawing, 2004. Sant Cugat: Firart. Art show. 2005.

She regularly participates in different art fairs in Catalonia:

Girona. Drawing and Painting Fair. Since 1999_2019

Figueres. Drawing and Painting Fair since 2002_2019

Terrace. Terrassa Drawing Fair, since 2004_2008

Ruby. Sant Galdèric Fair. Since 1997_2019